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JC yelp

I rarely reference others reviews in my own, but since there are only two…methinks Vicky is way off in her assessment. I have been to the SP a number of times over the past 6 months. The first thing that impressed me was not just the concept and options (Lindsay is right about an upscale Dilworth cafe…definitely higher end execution of solid menu items), but the quality has always been VERY much there. 

The attention to detail is evident. Their pastries are exceptionally fresh and creative…pleasing to the eye and even more pleasing to the palate. Everything is baked daily or prepared to order on premises, not unloaded off the back of a Sysco truck.

The lunch menu goes well beyond the typical Denver fare. The menu features a very interesting take on pretty regular favorites. Salads, soups, paninis….all with just enough creative flare to make them a great option when you’re tired of the slop you are often relegated to on this side of the lake. They have nice seating, intimate and cozy for a small storefront space. Wi-fi…and now wine!! They are even planning to offer some dinner items.

They run a very much needed and appreciated specialty cafe/bakery that elevates culinary fare beyond anything you might find in this immediate area (A boon for us!). I would not hesitate for second to utilize them for catering, or to provide very special treats or lunches at important meetings where you’re trying to impress. And honestly, if you’re even just driving by, this is THE place to stop for a hot coffee, espresso and one of their amazing scones (on one day alone they had Chocolate Cherry, Cocont Cream, Caramel Toffee and Apple Cinammon….and these were just their scones!!) Try and find that anywere near here!! You would be hard pressed to find a better lunch option anywhere and given what they offer, the prices are quite reasonable.

BTW – the staff are very pleasant and courteous every time!

Listen, if Dunkin Donuts and Subway is what you want, this place is beyond your palate and understanding.

Bottom line: don’t wait…go here!

Corrie S yelp

We stopped in the Savory Plum last Thursday for breakfast and coffee. The lattes and iced coffee were great! We ordered the Bacon, Egg & Cheese biscuit and Bacon Jam & Gruyere Panini. Wow!!! The biscuit was a cheddar biscuit..buttery and yummy. The panini was a combination I’ve never had before. The jam tasted like it was made fresh that morning with fresh bacon pieces. Loved every bite! Can’t wait to go back

Lindsay S yelp

So excited to have this amazing cafe in Denver! The parties are wonderful. I wish I hadn’t tried the scones because now I am hooked! On my second trip, I ordered the grilled veggie panini with the onion marmalade rather than horseradish basil tomato spread. The marmalade definitely had an oniony taste but was unique and really good. Although the eggplant was a tad bit chewy, I really enjoyed the sandwich. I think it is important to note that the sandwich prices range from $6.75- $6.95 and do not include any chips or sides. Don’t let the exterior of the plaza in which it’s located deter you. Once you step into the Savory Plum, you’ll feel like you’re in a Dilworth neighborhood cafe.

Cupcakes Lindsay yelp

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